Piano Bar
1890's pump organ UPDATED into a modern media sensation! Remote-controlled, variable LED lighting; 400 Watt Bluetooth sound system; phone charger; bar/server station. On casters for easy roll-around. Top closes and can be locked (key in office). Solid wood charm from back-in-the-day today! See inset pics for "before" picture.
SKU LR0504Price $6,999.00
Grinnell Bros. Baby Grand Piano
From Detroit, MI. Tuned @ Twice's Nice. Custom-designed bench by D. Bernard. When lid is closed the nose of the piano is faded - can see in inset picture.
SKU PF0020Price $999.00
Wurlitzer Spinet Piano w/Storage-Bench
Sounds great & looks great, too!
SKU PF0021More Details+Price $699.00
Kawai "Bee" Street Piano
Complete w/pair o' flamingos! Bottom panel is missing. Top opens up to see the "action". Bench included. Calligraphed on back: Bee Ridge Presbyterian Church.
SKU Pf0023Price $899.00
Medieval Antiphonary Art
Choral Music for the Offices - back in the day! 2 smalls: $150 each. 2 large: $399 each. See inset for over-all scope of artwork.
SKU KK0263Price $150.00
Pink Piano
It plays! Stool included.
SKU PF0026More Details+Price $99.00
Piano Bench - Opens
Custom-painted in SRQ. Lid opens to see sheet music decoupaged inside!
SKU PF0025Price $149.00
Grand Piano Mental Ward Sign
You have to be taking piano lessons to fully appreciate the sign. Or just play the piano and you can relate! 20" long hand-calligraphed sign hangs with chain. Decoupaged back. Will create to order.
SKU PF0012Price $45.00
Satisfied Customer
Priceless: another (!) satisfied pianoforte customer. Ask about membership in Piano Friends - a group of pro-am pianists.
SKU PF0007More Details+Price $0.01
Quilt - Handcrafted Piano Motif
Custom designed & sewn by Dr. Gail Davis. She also creates other themed quilts: sports, composers, etc. Hang or drape.
SKU PF0003More Details+Price $249.00

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